Goodwill Fire 18

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Hall Rentals

Front of building

If you are looking for a place to hold a social function (wedding rehearsal, reception, family gathering, meeting, etc), our social hall is available for rent. The entrance to the hall is handicap accessible. We have tables and chairs that you can arrange for your event. We also play host to Bingo's; allowing your organization to raise money. If you have a bingo, our company may be able to sell food in our kitchen for your guests.

Inside of hall, facing the doors Inside of hall, facing the stage

Room Size: about 40 feet x 70 feet

Stage Size: about 10 feet x 20 feet

Maximum Seats: about 225 people (depending on the placement of tables)

If you are interested in renting our social hall and would like pricing information or to see the hall in person, please call our Hall Rental Liaison - Linette Snider at (717) 577-7937 after 5pm, Mon - Fri.