Goodwill Fire 18

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Goodwill Fire Co #1 - Fire Police

Jacobus fire badge.

EST. 1938

The function of the Goodwill Fire Co., Fire Police is to maintain the protection and safety of Fire, EMS and Police personnel and vehicles while at an emergency scene.  The Fire Police Officers job is to insure the protection of working personnel, vehicles and equipment of the Fire Company.  At the same time an officer must insure the safety and clear direction of the public around an incident.  Traffic control is the main duty of a Fire Police Officer.  They maintain the flow of traffic around an incident to allow quick access of emergency vehicles to the scene.  Sometimes this requires the closing and/or detour of a road or highway.  The Goodwill Fire Co., Fire Police are sworn officers of Jacobus Borough and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and work closely and under the direction of Local and State Police Authorities.  As an extended arm of the Police, they have partial law enforcement rights at the scene of any emergency within Pennsylvania.

[Pennsylvania Title 35 (Health and Safety) Sections 1201-1203 defines and describes the duties and powers of a Special Fire Police]

[Tile 75 (Vehicle Code) Sections 3327 and 3102 provides for fines for citizens who fail to obey Fire Police instructions/indications or any traffic control devices relating to traffic flow]

The Goodwill Fire Co., Fire Police also assists at many special events within the county.  Any organization requiring traffic control, parking, or non-armed security for a special event within Jacobus Borough, Northern Springfield Township, and Southern York Township may make a written request to Jacobus Borough and any other respective municipality for approval.

Remember - Fire Police are there to provide safety to both You the public and Fire Company personnel, not to ruin your day.  When you see a Fire Police Officer please be respectful, pay attention to instructions/signs, slow down and be alert through an emergency scene.

If you have an interest in becoming a Fire Police Officer, please contact the Fire Company for more info.