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This page is dedicated to displaying the state certifications that our members have worked so hard to receive. All of these certifications are at the state level and require recertification periodically. This recertification requires that we continue to hold our members to a higher standard everyday.
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Quick Response Service (QRS)

In February 2001, the Goodwill Fire Co #1 received its Quick Response Service (QRS) Certification from the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PA DOH). With this certification, we can provide Basic Life Support (BLS) Assistance to our community. Brush 18 or Engine 18-2 responds to medical calls that are dispatched by the 911 center as lift assists or 2nd Due BLS with an ALS. This means when a Basic Life Support Ambulance needs assistance with lifting or when the 1st Due Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance is not available and a 2nd Due Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance and an Advanced Life Support (ALS) Unit is dispatched, our QRS is also dispatched. We get re-certified every 3 years to make sure we continue to meet the standards that are set forth by the Department of Health. Our PA DOH liaison is the Emergency Health Services Federation (EHSF). Click on either of these links, EHSF and PA DOH to check out the home pages of our local and state level EMS authorities.
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Water Rescue

On May 15, 2004, the Goodwill Fire co. #1 received its 1st ever Certification of Accreditation from the PA Water Rescue Instructors Association as a Water Rescue Emergency Response Team. At that time, the company was 1 of 2 in York County and only 10 in the entire state of Pennsylvania to receive this level of Certification. Then in March 2009, the Office of the State Fire Commissioner, The Bureau of EMS from The Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, and the Rescue Task Force of the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC) jointly revamped the State Certifications for Water Rescue. It was at this time the Company decided to pursue the new Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition Certification (VRSR). On May 5th, 2014, the Goodwill Fire Co. #1 reached its goal and became the 2nd Company in York County to receive the VRSR Certification and the 1st Company in York County to be designated a Type 3A Team. The Company is very proud of the hard work that all members involved put forth to receive such a great recognition.

PA Water Rescue Instructors Association
PA Fish & Boat Commission
PA Boater Safety Course
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Fire Service Certification

On March 30, 2005, the Goodwill Fire Co. #1 received its recognition from the Fire Certification Advisory Committee of the Office of the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner as a Participating Department of the Fire Service Certification Program. To receive this recognition, we had to meet or exceed the 10% level of members who are certified to the National Professional Qualifications Standards level (Firefighter I or higher). Our goal was to meet or exceed the 50% level by the end of 2006, and on March 17, 2006, the Goodwill Fire Co. #1 received its recognition letter from the Fire Certification Advisory Committee at the 50% level. Goodwill Fire Co. #1 is the First, ALL VOLUNTEER company to receive the 50% or higher level in York County. We were recently re-certified as a participating department on June 17, 2013. We are proud of the members who have gone above and beyond, and worked hard to achieve such an upstanding certification. This is a memorable moment for us and a large accomplishment for an all volunteer company. Keep up the great work guys!

Office of the PA State Fire Commissioner