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Welcome to the official web-site of the Goodwill Fire Co. #1 of Jacobus, PA. We are happy that you have stopped by to visit us! Our company is a non-profit organization made up of approximately 30 active members and well over 400 contributory members. Just like many others in Pennsylvania, our company is 100% VOLUNTEER with our members leaving work or family and friends to help his/her fellow neighbor. We respond to a variety of calls ranging from automatic alarms and smoke investigations to structure fires, water rescues and QRS / medical assists. Our primary response area consists of all of Jacobus Borough, and parts of Springfield and York Townships. if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us and please visit our guest book before leaving. Again, thank you for visiting our site

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January 21st

Just a reminder to everyone. If it snows please keep fire hydrants clear of snow. It is recommended to clear 3 feet around the hydrant. This is very important so we can spot the hydrant and use the hydrant quickly. Thank you and stay safe.


December 31st

MVA 18 Box

December 20th

Shaping out to be a busy morning for YOUR volunteers today. Crews were alerted for an unknown injury accident. Fire and EMS arrived to find a vehicle off the road with no occupants.


Structure Fire 18 Box

December 20th

This morning at 0539 the station was alerted for a structure fire. Eng 18-1 responded with a crew of 5. Crews got on location an extinguished a second floor bedroom fire. Local mutual aid responded and assisted. Engine 18-2 also responded with 3 and another 3 were either at the station or directing traffic. Pictured is the attack engine crew. Great job to everyone involved and thank you to our mutual aid.


Official Press Release

December 17th

Official Press Release
Goodwill fire Co #1 of Jacobus

This information is being offered in response to recent information that has been posted on this medium.

This is an official press release by the Goodwill Fire Co No.1 of Jacobus.
The purpose of this is to correct the comments that have been surmised by several individuals representing the Borough of Jacobus.

The comments regarding available manpower are somewhat correct. Official studies have shown 30 years ago there were more than 300,000 volunteer firefighters in the state of PA, recent studies now show less than 72,000 so we are not alone in this situation. Our daytime availability is limited, due to work schedules and workplace, proximity to home. A good portion of our residents work outside of the borough as well as outside of the state, that is the pool we must draw from. The Company has made adjustments to our box alarm assignments and have added additional apparatus to the dispatch to cover the possibility of any shortfalls. This change has been approved by our surrounding fire companies as well as Townships. (Remember we are all 100% volunteer and have to make a living).

It has been stated, we on occasion, were unable to respond to house fires around Jacobus. No contact has been made by the Borough to obtain statistics to support this comment. Upon examination of our call reports, the facts showed we failed 2 calls within the borough for the calendar year to date 2015, (1 vehicle accident/1 medical assist). These facts are supported by hardcopy call reports (in-house), digital reporting at PEMA, as well as incident recordings from the 911 center. This is fact and NOT rumor or opinion based information. (More statistics available).

To address our Water Rescue Team, it has been developed to what it is today over a 25 year span. Yes the Borough has no bodies of water located in the Borough proper but there are two lakes in the adjacent Township, which is used frequently by the people, where fires are a static event and don’t move, floodwaters are a dynamic event and move rapidly (T.S. Lee 2011/T.S. Sandy 2012/T.S. Arthur 2014). So we must maintain our ability to be mobile.

Are we the best volunteer Fire Company, by no means, are we a little more capable? We think so! We have been certified by the PA State Fire Commissioners Office as being trained to a Proboard level by at least 50% of responders the other 50% are at County level of proficiency. Our water rescue has been certified by the PA State Fire Commissioners Office, PA Fish and Boat Commission and the PA Department of Health to a level high enough to be recognized by P.E.M.A.

In closing we are always open to questions and comments but please no criticism, this is not a perfect world we live in. With that our wishes for this season are that the residents and managers of Jacobus Borough would be proud of what they have, as opposed to demonizing us for what we may not have.

Thank you for your attention.
Goodwill Fire Co. No 1 of Jacobus

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